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Knights of the Frozen Thrones Hearthstone Cinematic

I was assigned to paint Jaina Proudmoore on all the frames of the Knights of the Frozen Thrones Hearthstone Cinematic.
It was a huge learning and pleasure to get to work with the talented team-mates, Jonathan Fletcher and Yewon Park on this project. Special thanks to Jungah Lee, Josh Tallman, Vasili Zorin and Justin Thavirat who also immensely helped with their skills!
Credits also go to all the amazingly talented people at Blizzard Animation who worked on this project!
Take a look at the cinematic here:

© Blizzard Entertainment

Will murai kotft 0000 001
Will murai kotft 0001 002
Will murai kotft 0002 003
Will murai kotft 0003 004
Will murai kotft 0004 005
Will murai kotft 0005 006